Study in Serbia portal joined Study in Europe initiative

As of 2019, Study in Serbia portal has become a part of Study in Europe project.

In this way, Serbia joined 33 European countries that, through this initiative, offer quality information on available opportunities for international students.

Serbia is 34th European country included in the Study in Europe project, which aims to show students worldwide what studying in Europe offers, help them find out about higher education study, research and scholarship opportunities in Europe and connect European higher education organisations with international students and partners. The countries involved in the project are part of the European Union’s Erasmus+ programme, which provides study-abroad opportunities for students from Europe and from partner countries in other parts of the world.

Study in Serbia is a portal with the database of all accredited higher education programmes and institutions in Serbia. It provides foreign students interested in studying in Serbia with useful information on higher education system, study programmes accredited in English and other foreign languages and steps needed in order to study in Serbia, whether on a full-cycle programme or as an exchange student. The portal also offers information on available scholarship schemes and opportunities for foreign students as well as on other important aspects of living in Serbia.


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