Call for Applications for CEEPUS Network Mobility Scholarships is now open

The call for CEEPUS network mobility applications for the upcoming academic 2020-2021 year is now open. CEEPUS provides students and academic staff from eligible universities and colleges with the opportunity to apply for an academic exchange abroad.

National CEEPUS Office in Serbia invites interested students and teaching staff from the CEEPUS participating countries to apply for a CEEPUS mobility in Serbia. Furthermore, foreign students and academic staff who are not citizens of a CEEPUS member country and who are currently studying and working at public higher education institutions in Serbia are also welcomed to apply for mobilities at CEEPUS member states. However, before applying, those candidates will need to obtain a document called the “Equal status” document. More information can be found on the CEEPUS website. The deadline for application is June 15.

There are three types of student mobility in the framework of the CEEPUS program:

- Student–credit mobility for students who have completed at least 2 semesters at the home institution. The minimum length of student mobilities is three months;

 - Short-term student–for students working on their thesis (stays shorter than three months);

 - Short-term excursion–for participants of short group mobilities (CEEPUS summer or winter schools–up to six days).

Also, scholarships are available for teaching staff employed at higher education institutions, which take part in the CEEPUS networks. Teachers can undertake a teaching period at another network university or college in the minimum length of 5 working days. During that period, the teaching staff is requested to have six teaching/supervising hours per working week. Academic staff always choose the Teacher category when applying, regardless of the duration of mobility.

Applications should be submitted electronically, through the CEEPUS platform. Before applying, candidates browse the list of CEEPUS networks on their own and search for an appropriate one. To apply for network mobility, the candidate’s home and host institution must be part of the same network. The full list of CEEPUS networks for 2020-2021 and its participating institutions is available here.

Since every participating country provides grants for its incoming candidates, the amount and the scope of the scholarship awarded can vary depending on the country. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that candidates get familiar with the terms and conditions before applying.

Moreover, due to the effects of the coronavirus outbreak, prospective applicants are encouraged to contact the national CEEPUS office of their host country or to double-check with their host institution how the upcoming academic activities will be organized in the following school year. Contact information of all NCOs is available on the CEEPUS website.

For further information regarding the CEEPUS programme, application process, scholarship rates, and requirements, interested candidates can explore the official website of the programme, the FAQ section on the platform, and the website of the National CEEPUS Office in Serbia


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